Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thrifty Finds Thursday: Vintage Science Textbooks

I've been slacking on my Thrifty Finds Thursday. Yes, I created it myself.  Yay me! I suppose, one day, if enough people want to join in I'll get around to hosting a button and a list and all that stuff that people normally do when they host a "day" or "event." But for now, it's just me, and Thursday is an alliteration with Thrifty (yep, former English teacher here, look it up).  

I was looking through some stuff for my garage sale a while back, and I found these old science textbooks from the sixties.  I don't remember how I got them, but I'm pretty sure they were free.
As you can see, I am missing 1, 4, 6, and 8. Not only that, but since Science has come a long way since the sixties, they are obsolete for teaching purposes, other than using them to compare to up-to-date texts and having a lesson on reliability of sources.
This is what the cover looks like.  I thought about selling them, or recycling them, or chucking them, but then I opened one and saw something beautiful.
These texts are filled with black and white (and sometimes color) illustrations of the coolest things!
I mean, how cool is that image?
These texts are full of iconic GOLD.

The question is: what do I do with my newly-found treasure?  I could keep them as they are, but that would mean shutting up all this artistic flair inside a box for no one to see.  I could tear out the pages with art on them and use them for projects, like decopaging or something, but then I'd be destroying a book, and the former librarian in me is yelling "NOooooooooooooooooooooooo!"  I could cut the images out really carefully with a straightedge and an exacto-knife and frame them, but where am I supposedly getting all these frames?

Tell me, bloggers, what I am supposed to do with this thrifty find!


Anonymous Witch said...

Even as a librarian, I say OMG CHOP THEM UP!! They have too much awesome stuff in there to keep them intact, and seriously, since the information in them is pretty obsolete..holy crap. You could do custom scrap-booked post cards with the cool pics and words you found in those! That would be amazing!

Then again I chop up ancient books all the time, because I figure that's better than putting them in the garbage..right? Just don't think about it as killing a book, think of it as re purposing!

Jenny Lou Who said...

You have such good ideas, AW. Everyone, it's ok, I have the librarian's approval. Now stand back. ;)

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