Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Goodness, Where Has All The Time Gone?

Hello readers,

I have participated in dozens of swaps and have blogged about almost none.  My bad!  I'm going through a load of personal laundry right now, so I'll blog when I feel like it again.  Could be a week.  Could be a month.  Definitely this summer, though.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today Was A Good Day

I am truly blessed to have such a good friend as J!  Check out her blog at Just Another Anonymous Witch.  Today she sent me this gigantic box of goodies.  And it was wrapped like a ninja.  I told her she should wrap for the secret service, lol.

Here is everything she sent me in one teeny-tiny-ninja-wrapped box.

A beautiful journal with one of those magnetic closing covers.

Cupcake cuteness inside.

Pretty note inside almost made me cry!

She MADE me this necklace. And two turquoise stones came along for the trip.  Awesome!

A super thoughtful coupon.

A purpley purse for all my purple purse needs.

A crap-ton of stamps for crafting.

2 nail polishes, and some makeup samples.

Squee!!! Pens in my favorite colors, pink and turquoise!

A box of stationery.

A totally uplifting book.

Inside the book.

Love you, Jen!

She knows I hate scary stuff.

This purple shirt, no joke, I have been wanting for 2 years. I even have the magazine ad clipping to prove it...somewhere. 

In addition to my bff's awesomeness, I had some postcard stuff too, today.
Here's some of what I sent out:
Here's one I got in return.

PLUS, my 4 year anniversary with my husband was yesterday.  Here's the card he got me.


 And Mother's Day is tomorrow, so he got me a Dog Mom card.

See? Today was a good day.