Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Felt Christmas Tree

I found this post on my feed reader, and just had to marvel at the genius and simplicity. A lot of things get pinned it to my Pinterest and never get completed, but this one got done right away! Here's the original project at Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio.

It only took me about 15 minutes to make my own! My preschoolers love it.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


My boss decided it would be a faaaahhbulous idea to have a pumpkin-decorating contest and then cancel it at the last minute without telling anybody. Well, I was really sick that weekend, but I think I did ok.

Project Estimate:
  • Pumpkin ~ $1
  • Red spray paint ~ on hand
  • Ribbon ~ on hand
  • Hot Glue ~ on hand
I took a smallish pumpkin and spray painted it red. I tied the gold glittery ribbon around the middle and hot glued it to the pumpkin. I covered the stem with brown ribbon and hot glued that. Then I called it good and passed out.

Good job for only $1 and 30 minutes, yes?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Preschool Classroom Makeover

When I started in the Preschool classroom in June, it was ugly. It was more than ugly. It was supremely horrible. Holes in the walls, splotchy paint, broken tiles, busted furniture, stains everywhere.
The first thing I did was to clean, clean, clean. Then I rearranged the furniture to better serve my classroom. Here's what it looked like before:

Yep, above that red chair is where the drywall has been peeled off.

Mint green on three walls and gray on the fourth. Ew.

Note the art easel next to the wall. What you can't see is the splotches of paint all around it. Also note the ugly as sin bookshelf. Someone took that poor thing and painted it blue with sponge painted white clouds. And they did a terrible job.

For some reason the bulletin board was sideways. The drywall on this side is peeling off on the bottom from water damage.
At last we see the door to this nightmare.

We started taking everything off of the walls and using joint compound to fill the holes. Here's a better shot of the fugly book shelf.
It took two coats of primer and three coats of paint, but now it is a nice, neutral beige. Thank goodness! That thing hurt my head just looking at it.

Now for the AFTER shots:
Muuuuuuuch better. After spending about 18 hours with another lady painting, here it is! The theme is "garden." Bugs and flowers. It's nifty.
I moved the cubbies, parent info boards, and file cabinet to this wall. On the door is a beehive with little bees with their names.
My boss found a TON of butterfly wall decals on clearance at Michael's, so that's what you see on the wall. I also hand painted some wooden bugs to hang around the room. In addition, I changed the posters and decor to match the garden theme.
The door to the room with clouds and trees is so much better!
That's the kitchen/dress-up center over there. All the art is at child height, because here it is all about them.
Here is the bookshelf, a nice neutral beige. Blends right in, as it should.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new classroom! It's been four months since the makeover, and I just got around to photographing the new walls and decorations. Thanks for reading!