Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tutorial: Decoupage with Sheet Music

I posted before about my pencil caddy from a tampon box, then wondered what it would look like covered in something better.  Behold:
I got the sheet music for a quarter from a thrift store because it was falling apart. It ended up being Easter organ music.  I think the hand-written notations add charm.

Price: $0.25

  • Old Sheet music
  • Empty Tampax Tampon box
  • Decoupage glue
  • Foam brush
  • White printer paper
Time: I did one side at a time, then let it dry for a few hours (or days, lol), so I have no idea. Probably a total of 1 hr or less.

1. Obtain the tampon box. Take out the inside boxes and hot glue the flaps to the inside.*
2. Using decoupage glue, adhere white paper to the boldest colored parts of the box. This step is not necessary if your sheet music is made of very thick paper.
3. Get your sheet music out and find the most interesting parts, to your eye.  Tear them out, or use the tears they already bear for an added touch.
4. Using decoupage glue, coat one side of the box.  Adhere strips or sections of sheet music. cover that with more decoupage. Make sure the sections are long enough to cover the inside flaps as well as the bottom edge.
Finished Product:
And here it is with all my writing utensils nice and neat. :)
If you make this project, be sure to link me up so I can see your wonderful creation!

*If some kind Blogger genius out there would like to show me how to get the dumb pics to show up side by side, I would be most grateful.


krystal said...

Wow, this is awesome! I never would have guessed it started with a tampon box! XD

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