Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swap-bot: Window Shopper @ Threadless

So far I've only done postcard swaps at Swap-bot.  This one is an email swap, and it doesn't even require postage! Free! And you KNOW how I feel about FREE.

The directions are simple:
Find a bit of spare time and check out Threadless. Choose 10 t-shirt designs from their current catalog that you think are rad and link each of them to your partners via email. 
Here are my favorite 10:
Somehow I think it's cuter as a onesie.
Ladies and Gentlebug
Cuter as a hoodie.
This awesome shirt is for all my lil smart peeps: It's cool to read books!

...aaaand a bonus one because I just couldn't pick 10:

I almost forgot to include the swap members awesome tee links they sent to me! Here are my faves.
From Michelle:
Dandy Lions
From Victoria:
I Shower Naked
There's another partner but I haven't heard from her yet.


Billie Monster said...

'Don't Care Bears' are so adorable! And 'Conan Barbarian' is AWESOME. Great picks! {billiemonster from Swap-Bot 'I'm a blogger, follow me' swap}

Danita @ Finding My Spark said...

Dude.... MacGyver! And emo Care Bears! LOVE!

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