Monday, August 2, 2010

Mah Birthday & Butterflies

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Jenny, Happy birthday to me!
Oh, you want to know how old I am? I am 27. And if anyone today asks when I'm "going to get around to having children," I will punch them in the kidney.  

Swap-bot swap: Butterfly Beauty Handmade Postcard Swap

I swap with Swap-bot!

Another handmade swap!
For this swap, you will make 1 postcard for 1 partner. The postcard will have a theme of butterflies; use your best technique for collage, paint, drawing, etc., for this handmade card. the butterflies can be realistic or fantasy, or a combination of both! The card should be 4x6", and will be sent without envelope.
I normally send the same day they assign partners, but I deliberately took a little more time with this one.  I decided to use Jen's idea and use an illustration from one of my vintage science textbooks as a postcard. 
Here's what I sent:
Yes, I know it says "moth" on the description, but close enough. I sent it on July 26, 2010.  I love it. Every time I make a handmade postcard I end up wanting to keep it rather than send it away! So if I can, for all handmade postcard swaps in the future, I'm going to make two or more.  :)

Here's what I got in return:
ZOMG I LOVE IT. The glitter. The pink. The swirls. The felt butterfly. And on the back? Dozens of tiny random stickers. *Swoon* This is my favorite one in a long time. Yay! Received July 29, 2010 (ok, not on my bday, but close enough) from Daybright in San Jose, CA.
This wasn't a birthday card, but it was my favorite card to receive all day!


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The one you sent out was cool but I swooned over the pink glittery butterflies too!

Jenny Lou Who said...

AW, you have the bestest advice. And I know about the pink glittery butterflies. I almost swooned when I opened the mailbox. I was like, ""

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