Friday, August 20, 2010

Swap-bot: TAG! You're it!

In Swap-bot I'm in this group called Not Your Usual Postcard. There's a forum topic that's pretty cool called Naked Postcard Tag*.  Here are the rules:
  • List 3 or more PCs you can send.
  • Someone will tag you for a PC and will PM you their address.
  • You must send within 2 weeks after tagging

So when you post, you choose from one of several postcards the previous poster is offering, then you list the ones you are offering to the next person.  It sounds complicated, but it's really fun!

brittanyzick 4 days ago
i'll take the michael jackson one! i offer:
*awkward question kitten *awkward question puppy *crayola *dont mess with texas *cool houston photo
Jenny712 4 days ago
I'll take crayola!
I offer: 
*Summer fun
*Hot dog w/ toothpaste
*Reproduction 1967/68 Republican National Committee pamphlet cover
*Faux Comic Book Cover

maryhassound 11 hours ago
I'll take the Faux Comic Book Cover, @Jenny712
I offer:

  • A cartoon card from the Love Is... Comic ( like the link only in color)

  • A black and white ugly Frankenstein's monster looking card

  • A new but vintage looking card related to kissing

  • A cartoon bird

  • A Babysitter's Club postcard

  • An Ad card of my choosing

  • A photo I took-turned-postcard

Here's the Crayola postcard brittanyzick sent me:
Received July 22, 2010
And here's the Faux Comic Book Cover postcard maryhassound tagged me for:
I sent it July 15, 2010.

*In swap-bot terminology, Naked Postcards – A postcard which is sent directly in the mail with a stamp – NOT sent in an envelope. Handmade envelopes can also be described as being sent “naked,” which means they are NOT sent within another protective envelope.


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