Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swap-bot: Artsy Postcards #3

Yep folks, it's just like Artsy Postcard Swap #2. Same rules.
Are you sick of tourist postcards? Are you looking for postcards that you can hang up on your wall or refrigerator that look cool and aren't plastered with state names or countries?  THEN...
Send artsy postcards from painters (contemporary, pollock, bacon, picasso, matisse, etc, any thing that is artistic,) or DIY and make your own postcard :) You can find art postcards online, at Art Museums, or random stores (I found a bunch of artistic postcards at Job Lot).
I still have a whole bunch of Monet postcards my grandma bought for me at the KC Art Museum, and I want to be rid of them, I signed up again.  This time, I'm quite sure which ones I sent out:

And here's what I got in return: 
Received July 26, 2010 from John in the UK.

Received July 31, 2010.

I think I got the short straw this time. Poop.


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