Sunday, July 4, 2010

Swap-bot Postcards

Hello everyone! Pink Saturday was such a MONUMENTAL SUCCESS.  I have no idea why, but eighteen. 1.8. EIGHTEEN PEOPLE commented on my blog yesterday!  This is heavenly.  I'm definitely doing it again next week.   Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound hosts it, and I think it's the bee's knees.

To everyone who commented or just looked, I am truly flattered. Thank you all.

Now. Down to business! I posted a while back about joining Swap-bot for trading postcards, and I posted the cards I was going to send. I have received all 4 of mine in return and joined 6 more swaps to take place over the next few months.

Swap-bot swap: Two^2 Day PC Project: Absolutely AwfulThe first swap was: 
Two^2 Day PC Project: Absolutely Awful
Remember the logo? 

Well here are the cards I received in return.  
And the second swap:
Bird Art Postcard Swap

The cards I sent were pretty ugly. I'll admit it.  But the cards I received, bless their senders' hearts, were very beautiful.

And here's a list of the swaps I've joined now.

101010 Postcard Swap - Swap with ten partners on October 10th, 2010. Sign up by 10/1/2010.
Quick Turn Around PC Swap #5 - Sign up and send within three days of each other. Sign up deadline has passed, sorry :(.
Artsy Postcards #2 - Send artsy postcard from famous painters, or DIY one. Sign up by 7/6/10.
2010 Postcard swap #7 July - Just a simple stamp and send. Sign up deadline has passed. Canceled.
Alter a Greeting Card PC Swap - Take a greeting card, alter it with art of some kind, and send the front as a postcard.  What could be more fun? Sign up by 7/7/2010.

This next one is probably my favorite one, because I'm a teacher.  This awesome 6th grade teacher is having all the states represented by sending one postcard to a swapper and one to her school.  Then her 6th graders will send one back to us! How cool is that?  Learning is fun, and postcard collecting should begin early, lol. If you support education and postcards and you have two spare postcards and stamps, you should totally join.   Here's the link: PC USA Then & Now - Sign up by 7/17/2010.


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