Friday, July 30, 2010

Swap-bot: A Nice Pair

Swap-bot swap: A Nice PairI swap with Swap-bot!

This swap had me laughing at the name.  A nice pair of postcards, you pervert! Here are the instructions:

Send TWO postcards to ONE partner.Find a way to make them a "pair". Split a story between the two cards. Make a game or a puzzle to be played with both cards together. Write notes on the backs to explain why (or why not) the cards make "A Nice Pair". Whatever works for you!

I have this giant box of weird postcards from the McSweeney's Quarterly covers (no, I don't know what that is either).  I picked these two to send to a lovely gal named Teresa. I sent them on July 12, 2010.
I think they pair up well enough without my explanation, don't you?  Yes, they're kinda disturbing. But so am I, LOL.

Here's what I got in return:
These are images from the Guggenheim Bilboa Museum in Spain, or so my swapper tells me.  I received both on July 21, 2010 from Camellia.

P.S. Sometimes I think the rough way the USPS handles the PC's makes them have more character, but sometimes I want to kick someone for ruining a beautiful postcard.  They ended up wet, with the address side all chewed up from some stupid sorting machine. Ah, my ongoing struggle with the good ol' USPS.


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