Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Typical Sunday Morning (Posted on a Tuesday)

Typical convo @ our house:

Me: Honey will you come look at this pee stain so I can know which dog to punish? 
Nate: Sure. 
(follows a lengthy discussion on the sizes of our dogs and their respective bladders, motivation, and timing) 
Nate: Teddy did it. 
Me: Great. Revenge pee or I've-gotta-go pee? 
Nate: Middle-of-the-night pee, I think.
Me: Guess we'll have to stop letting him sleep in our bed, then. *sigh*.

The culprit:

Click image to enlarge
This is Teddy.  As in Teddy Bear.  No, I did not name him. That's the name he came with at the shelter. Yes, I totally would have named him that if I had thought of a name that awesome.


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