Monday, June 28, 2010

Storage from Kool-Aid Box

I think you've picked up by now that I'm a super-organized person.  While I'm at my computer, I often have things I need to jot down, like passwords or quotes or reminders.  I am so obscenely organized that I do this on 3x5 index cards. I know. Well anyway, I needed a pretty place to put them.  I found that they fit perfectly into a box for those little packets of kool-aid you put in a water bottle and shake up.  You can still see the edge of it in the picture.  I covered it in pretty paper using glue. The paper fell off.  I used staples (you can see one on the pink part).  The paper was too heavy.  So in a final effort, I covered the whole thing in clear packing tape.  Ha! Take that, anti-gravity/anti-glue paper!

Sorry there's no tutorial.  I did this before I started a blog.  Just imagine it in your mind.  


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