Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pink Saturday: Decopage With Cloth

I've been watching the blog How Sweet The Sound for a while, and she does this amazing thing called Pink Saturday, Pink is my favorite color, everyone.  When I was a single gal, I had pink bedding, pink pillows, pink blankets, pink artwork, and now I have to limit my pink to crafts.  But I do have a pink cell-phone. And even though I don't have a regular phone line in my house, it would be fantastic to own a vintage pink rotary phone.  Ahh, a girl can dream.

Evidently, a girl has to email her intent to participate the day before, so this isn't an "official" Pink Saturdays entry.  But it's Pink, and today is Saturday, so here we go.

I was reading the directions on my Mod Podge the other day, and was amazed to see that included in the list of items one can mod podge was cloth.  I decided to try it out.

Here is a completely adorable bandana that I tied around Lucy's (the beagle) neck ever now and then, but then we got Hannah (the spaniel) and she ripped it to shreds. :(.  

I got this little cardboard box for $0.10 at Goodwill, and saw loads of potential.
I was originally going to cover it with that pretty paper in the background, but I didn't have enough.
Note the pink phone. Fabulous, is it not?

Before I did anything to it, I wanted to take away the tacky seafoam green and gold sponging.  So I covered it in a light coat of white paint.  

I didn't document the process, mainly because it was an experiment that lasted a whole week, bits here and bits there.  So ... ta-da! Fully covered in cloth, inside and out, held on by decopage.
Later I sprayed it with a matte Mod Podge sealer, and some of the weird textures went away.

I had one problem with my brilliant plan, however:
Box won't close.  I should have seen this coming. *facepalm*

If I jam it on really hard, it only tears the lid a little...

The question: Can one decopage with cloth?

The answer: Yes, but not very well.  I had pockets of air that I couldn't get rid of no matter what I tried.  It stripped the white paint off in places. As you can see from the photos, some of the corners had to be folded over, and it doesn't work so well through three layers.  

The verdict: Oh well.  At least it's pretty ;)


Anonymous Witch said...

Oooh you'd think I'd learn. Commenting as myself on Wordpad got my comment eaten!

Short summary:
That box is adorable badass amazing! I love the pink and pawprints. Much improved over that tacky greenish color it was before. As for the lid..well..maybe its a non conformist box. It doesn't want to be like everyone else!

p.s. Pink is awesomesauce. I am dying for this chair from Ikea..simply because of the pink, green, and white stripes.

Ok it was amazingly hard to find a photo of that slipcover. Apparently its been like, discontinued. Weaksauce!

Jenny Lou Who said...

Hehe. Weaksauce. You're too much :)

Danita @ Finding My Spark said...

Lids are overrated. Pink? Paws? Awesome blossom!

Anonymous Witch said...

ok secret anonymous info:

and of course..i'm a jennifer! that's why the name is so darn cool!!

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