Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This has nothing to do with crafting but it's still AWESOME.

Hello, readers*!  Many of you may not be aware that I grew up in a little place called Sioux City, Iowa.  Well, now you know and you have no excuse not to visit  (For those of you who don't speak Iowanian, it's pronounced "suuuu" city).  I love that no one in the US knew that Sioux City even existed until someone posted this video.

This YouTube video went totally viral last week.  It explains how Sioux City was "built."  I think it's supposed to be some sort of promo for RAGBRAI**.

I love that no one in the US knew that Sioux City even existed until someone posted this video (except Bret Michaels).  I love even more that I'm not in this video.  Poor Bret.  I bet he had no idea he would end up stuck to the end of a cheesy promotional badly-dubbed video about Sewer City***.

By some omnipresent twist of fate, it ended up being recognized in all its glory by Comedy Central's Tosh.0 in "Sioux City Officially Ruins the Internet."

This is f-ing awesome. And the comments! The defenders! The haters!  My favorite thing about this is that my 52-year-old dad was the first to alert me to this gem.  He used to do RAGBRAI every year when I was a youngster.  I remember it well - my dad going off on a bicycle and returning a couple of weeks later.  Every year.  Ah, memories.

<3 Jenny

* By "readers" I mean someone please for the love of God read my blog because I'm DESPERATE!!!
** If you don't know what RAGBRAI is, shame on you.  Everyone knows what RAGBRAI is.  Go back to the rock you've been living under.
*** People call it Sewer City because as you drive in on I-29 you are greeted by the lovely wafting breeze over the CESS POOLS. You get used to the smell after a while.


litanyofbritt said...

word. this is me being your reader. my reader is my mom. you win.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Look up "We Built Sioux City Reality Check" on youtube and you'll get a better handle on Sioux City. lol

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