Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Taming of the Tie

I got my husband a really pretty tie at Goodwill a few months ago.  It's blue with a red shine going on, and it only had a small stain on the front that came off by rubbing with a damp cloth.

Time: 20 minutes (or less, if you're not having an animated phone conversation at the same time)

Supplies/Cost: $1

  • Tie - $1 at Goodwill
  • Ribbon scrap - on hand
  • Thread - on hand
  • Iron - on hand

Isn't it gorgeous?

The problem is, he won't wear it because it doesn't have a thingy in the back to hold the skinny end of the tie in place.  Here you can see the thread from where it used to be.

I thought, "I can fix that!" First I picked a piece of sturdy ribbon (I know, it doesn't really match, but hey, it was there).

I cut the ribbon's ends diagonally to stop fraying, although later I singed them with a lighter just to be sure.

I ironed down two 1/2" flaps on the ribbon. Yes, I have a smiley face ironing board cover. Don't judge me.

Side View:

I sewed the ribbon approximately the same location as the threads telling where the last tie-holder-thingy had been.  I know, the thread doesn't match either. And those stitches are pretty horrible.  But I did go over them several times, so you can't really tell.

I stitched the other side of the ribbon to the back of the tie.  This was considerably more difficult, but not impossible.  And voila! A tie my husband will wear!


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