Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moving Announcements

sIt's been a few years since I moved, but I'd like to share this anyways. I wanted all our friends and family to know where we would be living, but traditional moving announcements cost so much I thought, "Hey, I can do this for almost nothing!"

Various colors of card stock: $4.00
Printer & printer ink: on hand
Stamps: depends on how many you send!
Rubber cement: $0.99

First, I needed some cardstock.  I got some bright yellow, lilac, teal, and light green at Archivers in West Des Moines for about $0.80 cents each.

Then I cut the pieces down to size and printed the text.  I found the saying online.  The teal piece says:

Our belongings have been packed,
Our home is somewhere new,
And now that we've arrived,
We wanted to tell you...

Then the purple piece says: "We've Moved!" followed by our names and new address.

The yellow piece was the base, and I cut it to be 4" x 6". Like a postcard.

I cut the "house" piece to vaguely resemble a trapezoid.  I really put those geometry skillz to use, yo!  I wanted it to be whimsical, so that's why the house isn't a rectangle.  I used rubber cement to adhere them together.

Then I added the door in lilac - another trapezoid.

I made the door handle from a paper-hole-puncher and white printer paper, and cut equilateral(ish) triangles for the roof.

Aaaaand the back, an invitation and postcard!

It was fun, crafty, and thrifty!


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