Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ribbon Storage

We got a lot of really pretty gift bags containing really pretty gifts for our wedding (3 years ago tomorrow!!!).  It seemed a shame to throw them out, and I didn't want to give this one up even to re-gift because it was so pretty.  Sorry I don't have a tutorial, but the process is simple enough.

Shoe Box - on hand
Be-a-utiful gift bag - on hand
Hot glue gun - on hand

Total cost: Free!

First I carefully deconstructed the seams of the bag.  Then I decided which piece I wanted for the top (which in my opinion was the most important, as I'd be seeing it the most).  The rest of the bag went on piece by piece using the hot glue.  It only took about an hour, but it would have taken a lot less time if I hadn't been so busy admiring the print!

Here's the front:

And the top:

The flowers! The ribbon! The bow! The 'handle'! Could you just die of the cuteness?

I don't have a pic of the inside of the box, but you all know what ribbon spools look like, right? 

Happy Crafting!


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