Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One of my facebook friends clued me into this website, Spokeo.com.  It's a new online phone book with seriously personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB or web, your approximate credit score, home value, income, age, horoscope sign, and more.  It's pretty creepy.  I wasn't on there, but my husband was. 

You can remove yourself by first searching for yourself on their site.  It will most likely show the number of people in each state with that name (depending on your name commonality).  Click on your state, then refresh the page.  If you find yourself here, click on the right person, and again refresh the page.  Gawk at the insane amount of info they have on you.  Copy the URL, then click on "privacy" at the bottom of the page.  It requires an email address to remove, and you can only remove two people per email address per day (wtf?)

I already removed my husband, my mom, my step-dad and my great grandma. Tomorrow on the list is my aunt and uncle, my cousin, and my  grandfather.  
I know. I'm pretty furious.  My DECEASED grandfather is on there! At least my two little sisters aren't. Maybe these people have a shred of decency.

And why? Why would anyone want to know my 93 year old great grandmother's horoscope sign?

Please protect yourself and your information, readers.  I did.


Amy Hadley said...

I'm so glad I looked myself up: I found out I live in a house I don't own, it's worth 1M+, I have SOME college, and I'm a capricorn! See? How else would I have ever known?

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