Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting Thrifty is Hard To Do

I have not done anything thrifty or crafty to speak of since I moved to Missouri in August. *hangs head in shame*.  I'm too busy trying to be awesome at my job (and failing pretty miserably).  I haven't unpacked all the boxes from the move, and I literally have no where to even store my craft stuff, let alone craft it.  Here's a list of my half-hearted efforts:

Boxes: I piled them up against the wall in the bedroom and draped unused curtains over them so I wouldn't have to look at my failures every time I went to bed.

Goodwill: I bought a really really ugly book shelf and planned to paint it some groovy colors, but then the towering piles of books overcame me and I just shoved books on it.  And now I have a really really ugly book shelf.

Salvation Army: I needed a purse with different pockets/etc that my current one didn't have, and I wanted to pay almost nothing, so off I went.  I want to tell all of you that the Salvation Army does not mess around getting their $ for the value.  Most of the purses were more than $10. Wtf? I found a bright red one for $2.49, with visions of fabric dye dancing in my head.  Alas, fail again.

At work: Just about the only way to cover the cabinets and carts during the day while they're not being used is to use thumbtacks and fabric.  I used a lime green sheet with a white pattern to do the job. I got them at Goodwill three years ago, intending to make curtains.  They never made it to curtain status, but did a wonderful job as packing blankets in the move.  But it looks like hell.  I am itching to hem the edges, use stitch witch on them, or something, but I do not have the time or space.

Mail: I get so many fliers and so much junk mail living here it's friggen ridiculous.  Instead of sorting and recycling, I dumped all of it onto a food serving tray and stashed it on top of my printer.  Let's see if I can remember to ever go through it, lol.

Dogs: My shih tzu Teddy is in desperate need of a haircut.  I have always done his haircuts myself, but since we've moved here I haven't had the time.  So I'm shelling out $36 on Saturday to have it done.  My aunt knows a place near her that does it for $25, but my place is a block from my house and I've got shit to do.  Thrifty FAIL.

Butterflies and daffodils to you my lovelies.

Something actually thrifty: Remember that car wreck? We bought another, better car for less than our settlement check, and with the difference, I bought a laptop (cheapest I could find) for work. Booya!


Anonymous said...

Being thrifty is hard. There is a severe lack of anything resembling a decent thrift store in this area. And by decent thrift store I mean not filled with dirt, nasty people, and cashiers with Attitude who randomly mark up prices depending on how they feel that day. Meh.

I have not done anything crafty and I have only written 300 words for NaNo and I am just kind of stuck in this cycle of work, sleep, gym (if I remember and bully my lazy ass in there) and taking care of kids. One of whom has generously passed her germs onto me because I feel like crap!

I vote lets carve out time to do 1 crafty thrifty thing in December. Mine I think is going to be re-painting my hutch which is a green I can't stand, a nice, distressed black. Black furniture is sexy. And it will go good with the IKEA couch that I have daydreams about that just might, maybe, one day show up in my living room, instead of the ripped, Puggle-eaten imitation leather uncomfortable monstrosity (despite being a 2 person tiny sofa) that is currently residing in the living room.

I miss you. You should be online more. Love.

Jenny Lou Who said...

I miss you too. Let's definitely do one thing crafty in December. I think mine is going to be making a gift for all my kiddos at work using broken crayons and molded muffin tins (If I can find them). It will be awesome...except for the 5th graders...they will think it's lame. FML.

Anonymous Witch said...

Tell those fifth graders if they don't like it they can stuff it where the sun doesn't shine. Assholes!!

I am sick of kids in general. Some of those little hellspawn in the library gave me whatever this lingering disease is and I can't shake it. Blah! I just want my energy back!

Dana said...

I'm glad to see you're back and that pleurisy did not kill you, because that would suck donkey balls.

Jenny Lou Who said...

Thanks Dana, I'm glad you're not dead too! lol :P

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