Sunday, September 5, 2010

Santa-Cali-Gon Days

Now that I've moved to KC, I get to go to this festival in Independence that my family goes to every year called SantaCaliGon Days.  I was super excited to go and got lots of ideas for crafts (if i ever get my craft stuff unpacked).  And I took pics for all of you.

Here's my mom and aunt getting corn dogs at 10AM.

A cool placard to make:

Super huge awesomesauce doll houses:

Bandana/Ponytail holder/Bun holder/Headband thingy that I'm totally going to try to make:

There were at least four booths with photo letter collages.  I swear, I had this idea five years ago!

Here is a booth full of those really life-like babydolls called Reborns.  They are like $350. I wish I had a pic of me holding one, because they look and feel like real babies.

I really wanted to buy one of these, since I have a Brittany Spaniel, but it was more money than I had on me. Pout.

This letter art wouldn't be too hard to make for a baby gift:

How true, even when spelled out in rhinestones:


I lol-ed when I saw this:

People eating on the lawn of City Hall:


This is the only thing I actually purchased, other than food - wax seal charms.  Mine says J, of course!

Some pretty awesome signage:

And me in front of a giant inflatable sun. For absolutely no reason at all.  :)


Anonymous Witch said...

Awesome, awesome, awesomesauce.
But those baby dolls are CREEPY.
Dolls scare me. They have souls inside them. And you never know if they are friendly or not until its too late.

Jenny Lou Who said...

AW, you are one of my funniest friends. :)

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