Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thrifty Thursdays: Please Buy My Stuff

Ok ladies and gents, let's get real here. I need some dough, and I need it like yesterday*. My coke habit** is getting hard to support.

Tonight I started selling on eBay and hopefully something will pan out.  That's where you all come in.  I only have 5 items listed tonight, but tomorrow I'm adding a bunch more, and I know you're gonna want something  I have.

If you don't have a need for this stuff but know somebody who does, please pass it along.  My dog needs ear medicine.  How could you let him suffer?

Poor Teddy.

*There are lots of details, but the main point is I need to move.
**Caffeine, you guys. Duh.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best. I have never had luck on ebay - well I did as a buyer one time. It actually cost the person more to ship it to me than I paid and she promoted it as free shipping. Don't think she'll make that mistake again.
I do have friends who do ok, but it is not an overnight success thing.
Good luck!

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