Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Look and Thrifty Finds Thursday

Thanks to the tutelage of Danita over at Finding My Spark, I now have a kick-ass look to my blog.  And now I'm jumping up and down in my chair, because she's listed me as one of her people to stalk! I mean, blogroll.  

Why yes, Spark, I AM a cheap date.   :) Happy day!

NOW on to Thrifty Finds Thursday!   soon.  Today. I promise.

*Update* @ 12:37am.  I have not gone to bed yet so it is still Thursday in my head.  Once you see what I've been doing all day, you will forgive me. Or not. I'm too tired to care.

My Thrifty Finds Thursday is an inverse one today.  You come to my house and buy my junk items full of crafty potential. Today I was prepping for the garage sale I'm having tomorrow and Saturday.
Doesn't look so bad, right?  Wrong. That's barely half the stuff.
Now do you see what I mean? It takes a lot of work to price every single little thing by yourself.  And then position them for optimal extraction upon the morrow.  But my living room was still a hot mess at 8pm. Even Teddy was afraid of the blob.
Finally, I am as ready as I'll ever be.  At least everything that is going to be for sale has a sticker on it and is now residing in the garage.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so yay for that.  I hope people show up and buy all this crap these treasures.  For real though, all the clothes are in really good shape.  They just don't fit me anymore.  And everything is really cheaply priced.  So, if you live in the middle of nowhere, be sure to stop on by.  


Danita @ Finding My Spark said...

I bet I'm cheaper still. I don't even have to dress up and leave home! Loving your new look and will send you tons of stalkers!

PS - the Captcha wanted me to write WHORON and I refused on principle. What kind of blog are you running here anyway?

Jenny Lou Who said...

The kind where you can get your WHORON.

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