Friday, June 18, 2010

Earring Storage Solutions

I have a confession to make.  I love me some dangly earrings. LOVE me some dangly earrings.  There's just one problem to owning lots of dangly earrings and being too broke to buy a fancy-schmancy earring holder - they get all tangled. And you can't see them all to pick one. I guess that's two problems.  Well, two problems are about to be solved! 

Behold, the Shoebox-lid Dangly-Earring Holder!

It was extremely simple to make, once I figured out what to do and how to do it.  I literally spent like 2 hours staring at my craft room, trying to figure out an answer.

I don't have step-by-step photos for instructions, but my readers are not idiots and so you can figure it out.

1.  Take a shoe box lid and punch holes in the one end of the lip.  I did this with an exacto-knife, but you can do it with any sharp object you may have laying around. (My readers have lots of sharp objects lying around.)

2. Punch holes in the front of the box where you want the earrings to hang (see above photo).  You may want to use a ruler of some sort, if you're OCD that way. I did two rows of close-together holes at the top for my earrings that aren't dangly.

3. Find a ribbon and tie a double knot on one end.  Thread it through the first hole from the inside to the outside, and then again from the outside to the inside on the second hole. (Confusing much? Just look at the picture.)

4. Adjust the ribbon length so that it hangs at the level you want it to.  Hook it on a nail/screw/pointy thing on your wall. 

5. Presto! You're done. I kind of like the logo black/white look. Although, I have considered painting it so it doesn't look like a shoe-box.

Note: No sooner did I get this project finished than my mother sent me a real dangly earring-holder. And it's super pretty. *facepalm* 

At least my vast amounts of earrings ensures that I have to use both of them. And this pretty one doesn't do non-dangly earrings at all.


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