Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Three Year Wedding Anniversary!

...was yesterday.  I used an already saved post, because I wanted to spend my time with my hunny.  We got chocolate-dipped strawberries, Chinese food, and watched a Ron White DVD.  Bliss. :)

I did a DIY wedding thing, because I'm crafty and because I'm broke (lol), and lots of my memories were too cute to hide away.  So until we have some kiddos, I display them around the house.

This is the wedding-ish display I've got going on in the dining room:

Here's a close-up of the goblets (they weren't ours, they were my parents', engraved with their names).

We didn't have a wedding cake because I have Celiac Disease and it was too difficult to find a bakery willing to make a gluten-free cake.  So no cake, no cake topper.  Here is my parents' wedding cake topper:

My step-dad, who's more like a real dad to me, makes his business in antique toys.  One of his gifts to me was this porcelain wedding Barbie.  Her skirt is a bell! How cute is that!?!?!

A friend I grew up with's parents have a craft clay business that I looooove.  When I saw them after the wedding, they made this for me.  

That thing on the Bride's lower region is supposed to be a train...I think... but isn't that to DIE for?  So cute.  For info on their business, hit me up and I'll give you the details.

Someone's (I can't remember who!) gift to us was a framed invitation:

Ok, on to another wedding display. 

The picture frame was a gift from my aunt, and the picture inside it is our first dance.  Wait for it.... {awwww}.

My grandma, as a surprise to me, collected everyone's corsages and boutonnières (thank Jesus for spell-check).  She gave us this lil surprise with the invite inside:

The cigar box held the cigars that the male members of the wedding party smoked while waiting for us ladies to gussy up, and it made the perfect keepsake storage.

Here's everything from the box laid out:

1. Wedding garter (I had a back-up garter to throw)
2. My husband's pocket square
3. A napkin from the reception
4. Ribbons I tied onto the wedding favors
5. Info from the hotel we stayed at after the wedding, plus postcards (and you all know how I adore postcards)
6. Ticket stub to Spiderman III.  The guys had to do something while we were getting our hair done.
7. Ring box
8. Cork
9. These heart-shaped confetti were spread over every table
10. The wedding favors - bubbles and a bell (there's that ribbon I told you about).
11. Gift cards to Target.  Aren't they adorable? (yes, I used them all before locking them away as keepsakes.  lol)

Here's a close-up of the verse attached to the bell:

Here's my wedding ring (yes, I wanted a sapphire. I picked it out myself!):

And the ring my husband got me for our 3 year anniversary (yesterday):

Don't you just love it?

Well, that's all for the wedding bliss.  Stay tuned for a DIY wedding break-down.


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