Saturday, May 15, 2010

Easy Binder Spruce-up

I keep all my craft projects in binders. Yeah, I know that's lame, but I'm suuuuuper organizational.  I organize everything.  My husband will attest to that.  So I keep my Christmas craft files in this red binder (because Christmas is red and green, ya know), but it still wasn't Christmasy enough for me to know what's in it without looking at it.  So I jazzed it up for very little.


  • Binder - $1
  • Plastic shopping bag - on hand
  • Clear packing tape - $1
  • Security envelopes - on hand (from the copious amounts of junk mail we all love)
Total Cost: $2 (but free for me because I had everything on hand)
Time: 10 minutes (5 of that was for arranging the letters *just so*)

I took a green shopping bag from Barnes & Noble and fused the two sides together.  Click here for a tutorial on fusing plastic bags (there are literally dozens of tutes out there on this).  I taped it to the front of the binder.  I drew the letters onto the insides of security envelopes and cut them out.  After I arranged them on the bag, I taped them down.  It still wasn't looking Christmasy enough for me.  So I winged it and tried to cut out the shape of an ornament to "hang" on the handle of the bag.  Here it is:

I rather like how it turned out. Don't you?

With another bag I cut and taped a piece to the bridge of the binder.

Now I know exactly what type of files are in that red binder while looking at it on a shelf!

My dogs, however, think this organizational kick is getting to be a bit much.  Hannah is judging me.  Teddy is judging Hannah. Lucy (not pictured) doesn't really care if it doesn't involve food.


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