Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swap-bot: Let's Fly Away! Postcard Swap

Swap-bot swap: Let's Fly Away! Postcard SwapI swap with Swap-bot!

For this swap, we'll be swapping postcards that feature things with wings ... birds, butterflies, planes, anything that flies! (Have postcards featuring birds that can't fly? Penguins? Ostriches? That's okay, too!) Store-bought postcards only, please. Postcards can be sent naked or in an envelope, sender's choice.

Here's what I sent:
Here's what I got in return:
Received April 10, 2011 from Aimee in NY.
Isn't it awesome?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swap-bot: Food PC Swap

Swap-bot swap: Food PC SwapI swap with Swap-bot!

This swap is going to be a postcard featuring any type of food.
Everyone will have one partner and you can send a homemade card or a store bought card. The food can be either a cartoon, have a recipe on the front or the back, or just something that you like or have in your stash.
Here's what I sent:
I'm pretty sure I got this out of a Seventeen Magazine about 11 years ago.  It has an ad for Target on the back.
Here's what I got in return:
Received April 7, 2011 from Lollipop Marie.
I love it! So cute, yet so simple!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Swap-bot: Crowd Postcard Swap

Swap-bot swap: Crowd postcard swapI swap with Swap-bot!
Send one postcard to one partner of anything with hundreds or thousands of people on it. A stadium, fairgrounds, the beach, a rally, etc. Store bought only, and written on and stamped.

Here's what I sent:
Does this count as a crowd? It's all I had.

Here's what I received:
Received on April 7, 2011 from Aladyde in Germany.
The description reads, " Bahnstation, 1844. Railway station - Gare. Bundespostmuseum Frankfurt am Main." No idea what that says. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swap-bot:The Super Boring Scenery Postcard Swap

Swap-bot swap: The Super Boring Scenery Postcard SwapI swap with Swap-bot!
The description:

Here's your chance to get rid of that postcard that's been sitting in your stash forever because it's just too dull to actually send out! (Or if you just want the challenge of shopping for the most boring postcard in the souvenir shop, that's okay too!)
Cards should show some sort of scenery - natural or manmade. The more boring, the better! 
Here's what I sent:
Here's what I got in return:
Received April 7, 2011 from Moowee.  
It's so great! It even arrived dirty (she said she didn't send it that way, lol).  The caption says "Snow Capped Mt. Washington as seen from Highway; WHITE MOUNTAINS, N.H."