Monday, October 25, 2010

Pleurisy Steals My Will to Blog

I have pleurisy. I blame the kid who had pneumonia. It hurts like a stake is being driven through my chest. Also I'm crazy busy catching up from all the work I missed from the pleurisy. Bah! Vicious circle.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I feel like I should be doing something significant today.  Instead I am lounging in my pj's writing lessons for next week and feeling like poo.  Well, here are some photos from an awesome time yesterday at the KC RenFest. *ahem* Renaissance Festival.  This weekend was the "Hounds of Canterbury" theme and patrons were encouraged to bring their doggies in costume.

My hair I did for the RenFest

Teddy as a pumpkin

Pumpkin Teddy

Hubs and dog

Blue dog!

I could totally work there.

Hehe a clubhouse.
Sign in front of the clubhouse.

"Dirty Wenches" show

"Dirty Wenches" show

Queen Jenny

Camels - they also had elephants, llamas, donkeys, and cows you could ride.  Not kidding. Cows.

These ladies were awesome.  The one in the gold dress took the following picture, and was hilarious beforehand.  She said, "So you shake the fairies in the magical box?" and "Remember to feed them cheese, dear. They will give you a better picture."

Family! (minus Hannah, who would have barked at everyone)

Shiny Things

Sharp Pointy Things


Thirsty dog is Thirsty

Right after this, Teddy threw up from too much cold water.  It was hot out.





Tired puppy

Silly $4.99 costume from Target = everyone and their kids at the RenFest loving Teddy! I swear, ppl were pointing and asking to pet him all day!



Creepy portrait guy watching me

Hubs shooting a bow and arrow


Turkey leg

Happy wizard

Grumpy wizard

Tiny owl is tiny

Fire juggler

Dropped it and did 10 pushups lol

Hubs got me a necklace with our names on a single grain of rice. SWOON!

One last shot of my hair before i take it down.